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Safety surfacing materials are essential products in installing an ideal playground for your kids. They vary in maintenance, installation cost, safety, and accessibility. Children need to have a playground that best suits their playing desire. It is Your duty as a parent to ensure the safety of your children, and the choice of the playground involved matters a lot. There are different products and materials which can use in installing playground safety surfacing. Here are some of the benefits of various safety surfaces, and you can contact Orlando Safety Surfacing for easy and quick installation. 

Orlando Safety Surfacing-Playground Safety Surfacing

The main objective of having a playground is to make children play, have fun and keep them secured. Consider poured-in-place rubber as your option as it comes with numerous benefits associated with modern playgrounds. It comes with a great price in that it is cheap and the cost is always an alarm. It is safe in performance, ensuring that your children are safe while playing. It suits any design and can be modified on the shape and size of the safety surface to meet your requirements.

Bonded rubber mulch has numerous benefits. It is installed in varying depths to suit the intended purpose. Specifications are met to ensure that children are safe while playing. The bonded rubber mulch surface presents an ordinary look to suit the existing look and design, which delivers critical characteristics. The appearance provides more benefits as the surface looks natural. It is porous, allowing water to surpass easily. The surfacing is adaptable in that it can be fitted anywhere around apart from the playgrounds.

This product has a lot of benefits, and its characteristics might make you love it. When you install your playground using a synthetic tuff, you are ensuring the safety of your kids. The environment becomes natural and friendly. The safety surface is soft compliant as it absorbs impact during falling. Cleaning the safety surface is easy as you rinse with water and sweep the debris using a broom. It is accessible by all people, and it is durable

Synthetic grass has numerous benefits compared to natural grass. The material is immensely suitable worldwide, and Orlando Safety Surfacing can install you at an affordable price. It has no maintenance requirements hence saving on your time and energy. It is porous, thus draining out water during washing. No grass stains on children while they are rolling on the surface, making them always clean. It is safe for children as it is free from bacteria, crawling insects, and other toxic chemicals.

Safety surfacing is a matter of important concern these days. Whenever you are planning for a playground, proper playground safety surfacing must not be ignored. These materials have the properties of protecting children while they use equipment and play in the playground. Orlando Safety Surfacing is a well-renowned place to get efficient solutions for safety surfacing.

What to consider while choosing safety surfacing material for playgrounds?

Some of the factors to consider are:

  • Your initial and longtime budget
  • Yearly maintenance and keep up
  • Age of the users of the playground
  • Critical fall height and use zones
  • Desired look and feel of the environment.
  • Color options available by type

There are different types of surfacing options available, no matter how they feel and look. But there are some materials that should not be found on the playground surface, such as pea gravel, sand, cement, grass, or soil. Here are some effective safety surfacing materials for playgrounds:

Orlando Safety Surfacing-Synthetic Turf
Orlando Safety Surfacing-Poured-In-Place Rubber

Why choose Orlando Safety Surfacing for any issues regarding safety surfacing?

Our services are very simple to access. Once you work with us, you will have professionals there for you to solve your issues in no time. Do not worry if you have a hard time knowing which material is suitable for you. 

Our safety surfacing services are not limited to just the installation of safety surfacing. We are there for you even after the material has been installed. The post-installation services are highly demanded and appreciated by all. The product installed will be based on preference as all the products meet the standards when it comes to impact absorption and other properties. 

We guarantee safety, performance as well as longevity. So, if you’re seeking some durable and resilient products with proper protection ensured, you can contact us anytime. We’ll be very glad to serve you.